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Oral Presentations

allocation(talk + discussion and transition)
a30 min(23 min + 7 min)
b20 min(15 min + 5 min)
c15 min(12 min + 3 min)
We will have a LCD projector so that you can bring a PC or Mac laptop and make your presentation with it.
Please keep note that we don't plan to have an overhead projector for presentation.

Monday, 4 December

9:00-   Registration desk

10:50-11:00 (10min)   Welcome Address (Kazuhisa Mitsuda)
11:00-12:05 (65min) (Chair: N. White)
(1) Gamma Ray Bursts, Cosmic Rays and Neutrino
bJohn Andrew Nousek: Rapid Evaluation of Swift GRBs as Target of Opportunity
cMakoto S. Tashiro: The Suzaku-Swift Joint Observation of the Early X-Ray Afterglow of GRB060105
cKen'ichi Nomoto: X-Ray Flash - Supernova Connection: A Model for SN 2006aj/GRB 060218
cErsin Gogus: RXTE Observations of Soft Gamma Repeaters Bursts

12:05-14:20 (135min)  Lunch and Poster Session

14:20-16:10 (110min) (Chair: R.Petre)
(2) Thermal Structure/Dynamics of Groups and Clusters of Galaxies
b Jeremy Stephen Sanders: Feedback and Enrichment in Clusters of Galaxies
c Eric Miller: Suzaku Observations of Abell 1795
c Naomi Ota: Absence of Bulk Motions of the Intracluster Medium in the Centaurus Cluster
b Yoh Takei: Study of the Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium in the Suzaku Era
b Thomas H. Reiprich: Suzaku Observation of Abell 2204: Galaxy Cluster Gas Temperature Measurement up to the Virial Radius
b Stefano Ettori: The Cluster Gas Mass Fraction as a Cosmological Probe: a Revised Study

16:10-16:30 (20min)  Coffee Break

16:30-18:15 (105min) (Chair: T.Ohashi)
b Kuniaki Masai: Suprathermal Electrons in Hot Interstellar/Intracluster Media
c Kazuhiro Nakazawa: A Suzaku Survey for Non-thermal Hard X-ray Emission from Clusters of Galaxies
(3) Chemical Structure and Evolution Clusters of Galaxy
b Italo Balestra: Tracing Distribution and Evolution of Metals in the Intracluster Medium
c Kyoko Matsushita: Suzaku Observation of the Metallicity Distribution in the Intracluster Medium of the Fornax Cluster
c Haiguang Xu: High-Abundance Arc in HCG 62 Revealed with Chandra
b Takeshi G. Tsuru: The Galactic Wind Emission : Thermal Spectrum from the Cap of M82

Tuesday, 5 December
9:00-10:40 (100min) (Chair: Y. Tawara)
c Michael Bauer: The Nuclear Outflow of the Starburst Galaxy NGC 253 with XMM-Newton
a Summary Talk of Clusters (Takaya Ohashi, Pat Henry)
(4) Warm and Hot intraGalactic Medium
b Dan McCammon: X-rays from the Galactic ISM and Halo
c Randall K. Smith: Suzaku Observations of the Local and Distant Hot ISM
b Ryuichi Fujimoto: Evidence for Solar-wind Charge-exchange X-ray Emission from the Earth's Magnetosheath

10:40-11:00 (20min) Coffee Break

11:00-12:40 (100min) (Chair: D. McCammon)
b Graziella Branduardi-Raymont: Thermal and Non-thermal Components of the X-ray Emission from Jupiter
c Frederick Scott Porter: Suzaku Observations of Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 at Closest Approach and Perihelion
b Kazuhisa Mitsuda: Suzaku/Chandra Emission/Absorption Line Observations of Warm-hot Medium in and around Our Galaxy
a John P. Hughes: Recent and Future Topics Concerning the X-ray Emission from Supernova Remnants
c Masaru Ueno: A Suzaku Observation of the Neutral Fe-line Emission from RCW86

12:40-14:20 (100min)  Lunch and Poster Session

14:20-16:05 (105 min) (Chair: J. Hughes)
c Una Hwang: Suzaku Mapping of Pup A
c Guenther Hasinger: Suzaku Observations of SNR1987A
c Emi Miyata: Suzaku Observation of CNO Emission Lines from the Cygnus Loop
a Summary Talk of the Galactic Diffuse (Hiroshi Tsunemi)
(5) The Galactic Center and Ridge Emissions
a Katsuji Koyama: The Galactic Diffuse X-rays with Suzaku

16:05-16:30 (25min)   Coffee Break

16:30-18:30 (120min) (Chair: G. Hasinger)
b Motohide Kokubun: Hard X-ray Investigation of the Galactic Center Region with Suzaku
c Andrea Goldwurm: XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL Observations of the Galactic Center
c Tomonori Totani: The Galactic Center: A Consistent Explanation of 511 keV Line, Hot Plasma, and Past High Activity by RIAF
b Ken Ebisawa: Suzaku Spectral Study of the Galactic Ridge Emission
a Rashid Sunyaev: INTEGRAL results of the Central Region of the Galaxy
b Vladimir Dogiel: Continuum and Line Emissions from the Galactic Ridge and Clusters: Problems of Interpretation and Ways of Solution

Wednesday, 6 December
9:00-10:35(95min) (Chair: H. Tsunemi)
(6) Special Session (1)
a Stephen P. Reynolds: Cosmic-Ray Acceleration in SN 1006 and Other Shell Supernova Remnants
b Aya Bamba: Millenium Study of SN 1006 with Suzaku
c Yuko Motizuki: Antarctic Ice as a Probe of Historical Supernovae
c Sangwook Park: SNR G330.2+1.0: Discovery of a CCO and the Characteristics of Nonthermal X-ray Emission from the Shell
c Toshio Terasawa: Shock Modification by Cosmic-Ray-Exicited Turbulences

10:35-11:00 (25min) Coffee Break

11:00-13:00 (120min) (Chair: K. Makishima)
(6) Special Session (2)
a P. Frank Winkler: SN 1006 at Age 1000 Years: from Dazzling Star to Puzzling Remnant
c Tadayuki Takahashi: Hard X-ray Observations of TeV SNR RXJ1713-3946
c Hironori Matsumoto: X-ray Observations of the HESS Unidentified Sources from the Galactic Plane
c Gerd R. Puehlhofer: Testing the SNR Connection of Dark TeV Sources with Multifrequency Investigations
c Ryo Yamazaki: On the Origin of Galactic TeV Unidentified Sources
a Summary Talk on the Special Session (Robert Petre)

13:00-14:30 (90min)   Lunch and Poster Session

14:30-Free Time = Enjoy-Kyoto Time

Thursday, 7 December
9:00-10:25 (85min) (Chair: J. Nousek)
(7) Stars and Clusters
c Masahiro Tsujimoto: Suzaku XIS Spectroscopy of Extended Hard X-ray Emission in the Arches Cluster
c Kenji Hamaguchi: Diffuse X-ray Emission from the Carina Nebula
(8) WD & Neutron Star Isolated and/or Binaries
b Manabu Ishida: Suzaku Observations of the Dwarf Nova SS Cyg in Quiescence and Outburst
b Koji Mukai: Checking on the Identification of Two RXTE All-Sky Slew Survey Sources with Obscure Cataclysmic Variable
c Jan-Uwe Ness: The Recurrent Nova RS Oph in its Super-Soft-Source Phase

10:25-10:45 (20min)   Coffee Break

10:45-12:30 (105 min) (Chair: S. Kitamoto)
c Tatehiro Mihara: Cyclotron Observations of Binary X-ray Pulsars
c Christopher W. Mauche: Hydrodynamical and Spectral Simulations of HMXB Winds
c Willem Hermsen: Enigmatic Luminous Pulsed Hard X-ray Emission from AXPs
c Robin Corbet: Periodicities in X-ray Binaries from Swift/BAT Observations
c Jelle S. Kaastra: RGS X-ray Spectroscopy of the Crab Nebula
a Summary Talk (Tadayasu Dotani)

12:30-14:00 (90min) Lunch and Poster Session

14:00-15:15 (75 min) (Chair: K. Mitsuda)
(9) Stellar/Intermediate Mass Black Holes
a Kazuo Makishima: X-ray Study on Stellar/Intermediate Mass Black Holes
c Elisabeth Jourdain: High Energy Emission of Compact Objects with SPI/INTEGRAL
c Aya Kubota: Suzaku Discovery of Absorption Lines from the Black Hole Transient 4U1630-472
c Tsunefumi Mizuno: Suzaku Observation of Two Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources in NGC1313

15:15-15:35 (20min) Coffee Break

15:35-17:30 (115 min) (Chair: R. Mushotzky)
(10) Super Massive Black Holes (AGN 1)
a James N. Reeves: An Overview of Suzaku Results on AGN
b Hisamitsu Awaki: Broad Band Spectra of Sy II Galaxies Observed with Suzaku
c Gulab Chand Dewangan: Time Delays between the Soft and Hard X-ray Emission from Narrow-line Seyfert 1s
c Chris Done: X-rays from Accretion in Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies
c Andrew Ptak: Iron Kα and Kβ Spectroscopy of Seyfert 1.9 NGC 2992
b Richard E. Griffiths: Beyond the Deep X-ray Surveys: Galaxies or AGN ?

17:30-18:30 (60min) Poster Session & Banquet Setting

18:30-21:00 Banquet (at the conference venue, Kyoto TERRSA)

Friday, 8 December
9:00-10:40 (100min) (Chair: H. Kunieda)
c Giovanni Miniutti: The Long Suzaku Observation of MCG-6-30-15
b Thomas Boller: AGN Science Learned from Previous X-ray Missions: Issues for the Coming Decade
c Kiyoshi Hayashida: Suzaku Observation of 1H0707-495: Puzzling Spectral Drop around 7keV
c Andrea Comastri: Suzaku Observations of Bright Compton Thick AGN
c Alex Markowitz: Suzaku GT Observations of the Seyfert 1 NGC 3516 and the RL AGN Cen A
b Yasushi Fukazawa: Hard X-ray Variability of AGN Observed with Suzaku

10:40-11:00 (20min)   Coffee Break

11:00-12:35 (95 min) (Chair: C. Done)
c Enrico Piconcelli: XMM-Newton Evidence of 3C 234 as a Genuine Type 2 Quasar
c Roberto Gilli: Compton Thick AGN and the Synthesis of the Cosmic X-ray Background: the Suzaku Perspective
Super Massive Black Holes (AGN : Jet)
b Greg M. Madejski: Suzaku Observations of GLAST Blazars
c Luigi Costamante: TeV and X-ray Properties of High-energy Peaked BL Lacs: an Updated Look
a Richard Mushotzky: Current Issues in AGN Research and the Prospect for the Future

12:35-12:50 (15min) Group Photo

12:50-14:20 (90min) Lunch and Poster Session

14:20-16:10 (110min) (Chair: T. Takahashi)
(11) Synergy with Suzaku and Other Missions
b Yoshihiro Ueda: Suzaku Study of New Hard X-ray Selected AGNs
a Roland Diehl: INTEGRAL/SPI Science and Connections to Suzaku
b Tuneyoshi Kamae: GLAST & Suzaku: Cosmic-ray Acceleration and Interaction in Galaxy
a Werner Hofmann: Gamma-ray Astronomy with HESS and Connection to Suzaku
Closing Remark (Katsuji Koyama)

16:10-16:30 (20min) Coffee Break

16:30-18:30 (120min) (Chair: R. Kelley)
Instructions of Suzaku Data Analysis
Presentation files are downloadable from
b Yukikatsu Terada: The 7-steps of the Data Analysis
a Kiyoshi Hayashida: Calibrations of XIS
a Motohide Kokubun: Calibrations of HXD, Shin Watanabe: Background Model of HXD
b Yoshitomo Maeda : Attitude and XRT
b Free Discussion

Note: The SOC asked some people to give an additional presentation which is appropriate for the conference. In such a case, their original papers submitted to the conference are allocated to a poster upon request.