SN 1006 in Meigetsuki

The first of May in 2006 is one millennium after SN1006, the brightest historical SN.@Historical Supernovae were noted by Teika Fujiwara in his Diary@"Meigetsuki". The middle of this pageithe red dotted linej is written that the 2-nd day of the 4-th month, in the 3-rd year of Kanko reign-period of Ichjo-In (1-st May, 1006), a large guest star (Supernova) appeared within the Kikan (Lupus) constellation.

Meigetsuki, Vol 48 by Teika Fujiwara (1162-1241)



The next paragraph is for SN1054, or the Crab Nebula.


The 3rd paragraph is for SN1181 or 3C58.


The other paragraphs also note on guest stars, but these would be either novae or comets.








An ancient oriental star chart


The red-dotted ellipse is the constellation gKikanh (the guardman of the Emperor).


Suzaku observed SN1006 after one millennium of its explosion. The left panel is the image taken with OVII line, while the right is the 3-5 keV map.

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